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December 14, 2001
Douglas Pryke
(519) 855-4979

Ground-Breaking Agreement Commits AET to Responsible CareŽ Ethic

(ONTARIO, Canada) - The Alliance for Environmental Technology (AET) and the Canadian Chemical Producers' Association (CCPA) reached agreement and today announced that AET has become "A Responsible CareŽ Supporting Association."

AET is an international association of chemical manufacturers whose mission is to communicate, foster, and promote the environmental, economic, scientific, and technical benefits resulting from the responsible production and use of sodium chlorate and chlorine dioxide in bleached pulp manufacturing.

The agreement furthers CPPA's initiative to extend Responsible CareŽ to other industries and their associations, while simultaneously enhancing AET's ability to fulfil its new and expanded mission.

"Our Board of Directors was not only unanimous, but enthusiastic, in their support for this ground-breaking agreement with AET. We look forward to working with the AET membership in advancing the cause of sustainability through the ethic and practices of Responsible CareŽ" said Richard Paton, CCPA President.

"AET, since its inception has marshaled and communicated the scientific basis for use of chlorine dioxide, a pollution prevention technology for the elimination of toxic pollutants from modern pulp bleaching. With this technology having achieved international recognition, we are now pleased to expand our focus to encompass the entire life-cycle of chlorine dioxide, including its source - sodium chlorate" said Douglas Pryke, AET's Executive Director.

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