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TABLE 1: 1995 Fish/Shellfish Advisories by Contaminant



Number of Advisories *


Mercury 1,308
Selenium 12
Lead 3
Other 1 5

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) 438


Chlordane 111
Pesticides (as in EPA database) 22
Mirex/Photomirex 13
Dieldrin 21
Other Pesticides 1

Dioxins 2 55

Other chlorinated organics 3 3

Other pollutants 4 4

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) 5

* Many advisories cover more than one contaminant. As with the 1994 version, the EPA's 1995 NLFWCA does not allow a determination of the total number of distinct ifhs consumption advisories, so the above numbers cannot be totalled.

1 Includes metals, chromium, copper, zinc, and kepone.

2 This total reflects EPA's 1995 NLFWCA data. Of these 55 advisories, 18 are downstream of bleached chemical mills according to 1995/1996 state environmental and health authority data.

3 Includes hexachlorobutadiene, pentachlorophenal, and tera, penta, and hexachlorobenzenes.

4 Includes creosote, gasoline, multiple pollutants, organic chemicals, cadmium, organo-metallics, priority organics, toxaphene, and volatile organics.

Source: 1995 EPA NLFWCA