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AET Report Shows A Decline In Water Body Advisories
PIMA Magazine*
November 1996

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) National Listing of Fish and Wildlife Consumption Advisories shows that, out of 1,740 total water body advisories in the U.S., 55 are attributed to dioxin, representing 2 percent of the total affected water bodies in the country. Further analysis done by the Alliance for Environmental Technology (AET) on these 55 dioxin advisories shows that 18 are downstream of bleached chemical pulp mills--only 1 percent of the total 1,740 water bodies under advisory at the end of 1995.

AET's 1996 report, "Eco-System Recovery: Liftings of Fish Consumption Advisories for Dioxin Downstream of U.S. Pulp Mills," credits the decline to the virtual elimination of dioxin discharges, due to increased substitution of chlorine dioxide for chlorine gas in the first stage of chemical pulp bleaching. The report also finds that, since 1990, 13 states have lifted 17 fish consumption advisories for dioxin downstream of pulp mills. This represents a 50 percent decline. State authorities generally lift advisories once the contamination level drops and remains below state standards.

*Used with permission from PIMA Magazine.